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Welcome to Pinnacle Chiropractic!

Young man and staff memberWe offer a fun, laid-back and welcoming atmosphere that feels like going over to a friend’s house. Kids make themselves at home with the toys in our waiting area. We look forward to meeting you and your family.

The First Step: A Complimentary Consultation

We want to find the cause of you or your child’s problems. During this consultation, which can be done in the office or on the phone, we’ll take 20-30 minutes to locate the root of your concerns and determine how we can help.

The Initial Visit: A Nervous System Evaluation

Following your consultation, an in-office visit allows us to measure the health of you or your child’s nervous system using the Insight™ Subluxation Station. It takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Starting Your Care

At your second appointment, Dr. Matt will go over the findings of your scan in detail. He’ll present you with a plan of action to move forward with getting your nervous system into a more balanced state. This visit takes about 30 minutes.

Ongoing Visits

When you return for regular appointments, you’ll be here for about 10 minutes.

Our first goal is to get your nervous system functioning at a higher level. Once completed, you can choose a wellness or protective plan, which most patients select because they want to continue living a healthy life.

Learning Opportunities

Several different workshops are available at our office. The first is for our new patients to learn more about getting the most out of their care. Another is The Perfect Storm, discussing autism, ADHD and sensory processing disorders and how Dr. Matt can help children with these challenges. Other events include Shopping With the Doc, where you can go to the grocery store with Dr. Matt and learn how to shop healthier.

Contact our Lakewood Ranch practice today to find out when our next event is being held!

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